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SmartBars For iOS or Android phones:
Money and Time Saver
What Is is a product-centric, merchant-neutral price comparison and coupon search web site. You type a barcode (EAN, UPC or ISBN) or a product name, it finds best offers online or in local stores. It has most comprehensive data from well-known merchants like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Google, Sears, Target, Walgreen, Walmart, etc., and presents them side by side.
What Is Not is not a merchant and does not belong to any merchant. We don't sell any goods. We just gather as much product selling information as possible from quality sources for consumers like you to make decision.
What SmartBars Is
SmartBars takes advantage of scan capability of smart (iOS and Android) devices to read barcodes (EAN, UPC and ISBN) automatically and sends them right to the to find offers online or in stores nearby. It saves you from looking up and typing barcodes while doing price comparison and coupon search with
What AdSmart Is
AdSmart is an ad network that is optimal for mobile apps. It uses highly efficient and sophisticated algorithms to match ads based on product barcodes and names.
Other Questions
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